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I always admired people that shared their thoughts and discoveries with others, especially in the 21st century where everyone should be lifelong learner.  People often talk about knowledge sharing, but these guys are actually making it happen. Especially for IT guys like me, there are some pretty good blogs available to stay in touch with the latest developments in the various domains.

For example: today I noticed that my laptop is starting to overflow with these little demos. Their goal is to  to test out some problems I’ve had at work or just to discover new technology or interesting frameworks. Their scope is so limited that it might also interest other people who have different (better) solutions for the same problem.  So what better than a blog to publish some of these findings and get some feedback from you. I encourage you to comment on whatever you like: this should be a two-way conversation.

To conclude: in the coming weeks I’ll post some of the discoveries on my own path as a lifelong learner in the hopes to continue learning and to inspire others to do the same.

Next week: Hibernate sequence generators and their impact on performance.
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